Photolucida's Critical Mass Competition (2017)

  • Finalist/Nights as Inexorable as the Sea (link)

Diffusion IX (2017)

  • One of 70 photographers selected for publication/I, Orfeo series (link)

9th Contemporary Photography in Hawai‘i Exhibition (2017)

10th Annual Julia Maragaret Campbell Awards (2017)

  • Finalist, Cell Phone Series/I, Orfeo series (link)

9th Annual Pollux (Photography) Awards (2016)

  • Finalist, Cell Phone/I,Orfeo series (link)
  • Finalist, Fine Art/I, Orfeo series (link)

International Photo Awards (2016)

  •  Honorable Mention, Special/Swim series (link for images; link for all Honorable Mentions)

PLAYA (Summerlake, OR) (2016)

  • Awarded a one-month, fully-funded Artist Residency for March, 2017. (link)

Hawaii Foundation for the Arts and Culture Art in Public Places (2016)

  • State Recognition Purchase Award/Socially Speaking: Hat (link)

38th Annual Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Commitment to Excellence (2016) (link)

  • First Place, 2-D – Socially Speaking: Hat (image)

The Hawaii Photography Show (2016)

  • Second Place – Stroke (link)

5th  Annual Mobile Photo Awards (2016)

  • First Place – The Darkness/They Don't Always Show on the Outside V (link)
  • Honorable Mention – Digital Fine Art/Thats the Way Some Days Go (link)
  • Honorable Mention – Digital Fine Art/Dress Appropriately for the Game Girl (link)
  • Honorable Mention – Digital Fine Art/Split-Decision Girl (link)
  • Honorable Mention – Self-Portraits/The Housewife I (link)
  • Honorable Mention – Self-Portraits/Duck Face Girl (link)

New Era Museum (2015)

  • Appointed New Era Museum Artist (link)

Hawaii Foundation for the Arts and Culture Art in Public Places (2015)

  • State Recognition Purchase Award/They Don't Always Show on the Outside V (link)
  • State Recognition Purchase Award/Yellow Girl (link)

mDAC Summit Photo Art Exhibition (2015)

  • Juror's Top 10/Fo' Reals? (link)

Florence International Photo Awards (2015)

  • New Era Museum Most Wanted Visionary Award/Nature Girl (link)

Lens Culture (2015)

  • Editor's Pick/Self-Exposure (link)

4th  Annual Mobile Photo Awards (2015)

  • Honorable Mention – Digital Fine Art/The Girls Visit Cape Cod (link)
  • Honorable Mention - Digital Fine Art/Sally Always Felt Like Part of the Furniture... (link)
  • Honorable Mention – Self-Portraits/Help! It's Getting Pretty Crowded in Here! (link)

Futuro Presente/Beyond the Conflict (2014)

  • Honorable Mention/They Don't Always Show on the Outside I (link)

Lightstruck 2004! Film Festival (2004)

  • First Runner Up/That the World Is Round Has Already Been Proven (link)

  Digitally Charged Entities (2003)

  • Emerging Artist Award/Innocence in the Time of the Red Sky Nights (link)

Contemporary International (2002)

  • Directorʻs Award/Spring Morning, 1968