ke ‘aka o ka li’ula/mirage

ke ‘aka o ka li’ula/mirage (installation views), 2006, organza, pvc, lights, slide projection, wood, paper, dried lei flowers, hotel soaps, cd players, speakers, original audio, plumeria scent, 13'high x 12' wide, (MFA Thesis Exhibition, Center for Design and Visual Culture, UMBC, Catonsville, MD, April 2006)

3 Months, 11 days...

3 Months 11 days, (detail of Panel 2 of this 7 panel installation.) Prints created from scans of the artist's that was hair lost over 101 days, attributed to the stress of being a MFA student and the mother of a 4 year old child. Prints were made by prepping roof flashing with an inkjet coating then printing in a large format Epson printer. Each panel: 10" h by 6' wide; entire work spans 420 inches. (UMBC, 2004)


na wai keia ike o ka lani? (for whom this view of heaven?)

na wai keia ike o ka lani? (for whom this view of heaven?) 2004 Installation, UMBC/Raleigh Graduate MFA Studios, Baltimore, MD. A time- and process-based installation that took place over 30 days. This work addressed tourism and it's impact on Hawai‘i residents. Materials consisted of imported, "cheap" hotel sized soap bars, hand-strung Hawaiian orchard leis created from Moloka‘i orchids, lights, bench, 4-track original sound score of dripping water.


The Garden of Labor

Details from The Garden of Labor, 2004, Metal Pails, Digital Imaging, Magnetic White Substrate. (Aloha Hoʻomaluhia 2004, Hoʻomalhia Botanical Garden, Kane'ohe, HI,  May 2004)

Inscrutable Equations for Growth

Detail from "Inscrutable Equations for Growth" installation. Panel 1 of 14. Handmade wood/twine "clotheslines"; clothespins; gampi paper stained in egg shapes with wine and coffee with cut windows; digital images/inkjet prints defaced with lipstick and eyeliner grafitti; lingerie; socks; mens' shirts and children's underwear. This work addressed the difficult balance of women's lives: career woman, housewife, lover, friend & mother. Gallery on the Pali, March 2003.